Taulia Hires Thorbecke as CFO

Quick on raising a $40 million Series D round of funding, electronic invoicing and supply chain financing startup Taulia has now hired a Chief Finance Officer. Recently, the company announced that the former Meltwater Group CFO Rik Thorbecke will handle all the financial, legal, HR, and accounting aspects of their operations. They also announced their plans of expanding overseas.

Taulia provides a platform that will track all invoices, quick quid promo codes, and payments that are made out to their suppliers. They are targeting Fortune 500 customers primarily because they help them automate the invoicing process and payments which lowers their costs. For suppliers, on the other hand, the platform will help them get paid faster through the short term supply of financing based on approved invoices.

As invoices follow other business processes into the market, it will quickly attract other customers. As it is being ramped up, the company has hired Thorbecke for the improvement of its own internal finance and HR procedures.

Throbecke has spent the past 25 years in varying finance and strategy positions in several well-known companies. He was also employed as CFO and Chief Strategy Officer of Plastic Logic and in VP position of Levi Straus and Electronic Arts in the mid-2000s. Before going to Silicon Valley, he spent more than 17 years at the PricewaterhouseCoopers in Netherlands, where he was a partner.

I Bought My Car Just Like I Purchase Investment Property

I love my car. It is exactly what I need. However it is not what I want. When gas prices went up to over $4 a gallon, I decided to purchase a car with cash that was reliable and good on gas. I did not care what it looked like, it just had to last me 2 years, max $2K and around 30 miles per gallon. So I went on craigslist and began my search. I did the following as was amazed how similar it is to finding a motivated seller and purchase an investment property:

1. Searched for the keywords must sell and motivated

I Bought My Car Just Like I Purchase Investment Property

2. Sent out a lot of lowball offers, all cash and to purchase fast3. Completed a diagnostic inspection that cost $75 and saved me a mistake on 2 cars4. Talked him down more after the inspection even though the problems were not a concern5. Lastly, I test drove it and talked him down more due to the cosmetic dents, scratches and uncleanliness.

The result was much better than expected. Instead of spending $2K and getting a car that will last me 2 years, I spent $1K and got a car that will last me 5 years. I talked the guy down from $2700 to $1800. Then to $1300 after the inspection, then to $1000 after the test drive. The seller was motivated and due to the cosmetic issues there was little demand. I did not insult him when asking for price reductions, I explained the inspection items and the dents were a turnoff, but would still be interested if it was reflected in the price. Once I got an OK for a price reduction, the negotiation began and the seller said Yes to every price reduction request. Even though my car does not impress people, it is exactly what I need. I love getting into that car everyday knowing that I got an incredible bargain, just like we do when purchasing investment properties. With 1K in body repairs the car would be worth 5K. With purchase of 1K, and if I chose to do 1K in cosmetic repairs, the car is at a 40% LTV. Not too shabby. I used the same strategy to purchase a laptop. I ended up getting a nice one for $50 and a second one for free along with a really nice laptop bag. It pays to build rapport and get people to like you. I strongly recommend all investors try purchasing an item off Craigslist at a bargain price. It is great practice for negotiating and learning how to find great deals. Once I have enough money to purchase my dream car with cash, I will do so. But for now, I love that I got a better deal then anyone on the road.

Returns Management Maximizes Future Profits

Until recently, companies and organizations focused only on forward supply chain. Enterprises were more concerned about making their forward supply chain as perfect and as flawless as possible. Hence, reverse supply chain did not receive the kind of attention that it truly deserves. Though products did come back, it was considered as a pain in the neck that eats into company profits. Hence, the products were dumped in warehouses to gather dust and dirt. It remained there until it was ‘discovered’ during a physical inventory or warehouse cleanup. By that time, there would be nothing left to be salvaged.

Companies and organizations are now slowly waking up to the fact that product returns are the reality of every business. It is completely unavoidable and therefore, instead of considering it as a nuisance concrete steps are being taken to manage it cost-effectively. Moreover, the economic downturns also forced companies to explore possibilities of profits with returned goods.

At a time when another recession is in the offing, effective returns management can help companies and organizations to tide through tough times. Not only can it help in improving the company’ financial condition but also help in fostering strong relationships with customers.

Returns management is defined as "The management of all logistic operations related to returns of products from their original user to their supplier with the intention of a cost-effective recovery, while meeting all legal obligations". Product returns are always viewed from the perspective of transportation costs, inventory costs and warehousing costs but the fact of the matter is if managed effectively returns management can actually help in maximizing future profits. It can be a value generating system though not as perfect as forward supply chain.

Today the world has become customer-centric and hence it is the customers who call the shots. In order to increase sales and customer loyalty companies and organizations must ensure customer satisfaction. But today’ customers cannot be satisfied easily. They expect and want the after sales services to be as excellent as the sales services. Customers prefer return policies to be simple and easy and this has been vouched by several studies which says that a lenient return policy translate into long-term sales relationships. If the customers are assured that the product can be returned at any time they would not think twice when making the purchase or making other purchases of the same brand.

Hence, returns management is as important as any other activity in a supply chain be it retail distribution, retail fulfillment or order fulfillment.

Facts To Get Accepted For An Edmonton Mortgage

The key to Edmonton Mortgage approval is a job

When you are trying to get approved for a loan on a house, you will want to be sure that your job is stable. This means that you have a steady history of working. Your current job doesn’t have to be the one you have had for years, but it is good to show a good pattern of work places. This can help get an application approved faster. Banks always want to feel secure about the loan that they are giving out, and someone with a good stable job is more likely to continue making their payments on their new home.

An application to get approved for a mortgage will include proof of your employment. A bank specialist will want to contact your employers to find out how long you have been there and verify the income that was stated on the mortgage application. Typically they want to see that you have been with your job for at least a year. This is a crucial step in determining how likely it is for you to lose your job. Many employees are let go within their probation period. Waiting beyond that time frame, gives banks a feeling of more security.

Achieve excellent credit

A credit check is always done on someones loan application. The credit check will assess several factors. These things may include your previous credit history and if there are any red flags. Cautions for the bank would be a bankruptcy in the last few years or another form of it. Banks will also look at any outstanding payments that were not made, or any credit bureau findings. Before a person heads into a bank or a lenders office, they should find out what their credit score is. That can save on time and the hassle of going through with an application. Checking the score first can help a person raise their score before they visit a loan lender.

Facts To Get Accepted For An Edmonton Mortgage

Just because there are flaws on a credit score, it doesn’t mean that a mortgage is out of the question. Most lenders and banks will tell a person who they can get good credit and get approved for their mortgage. It may take some time, but there are ways to improve scores on a credit check. Things like reducing debt amounts and making payments to bills on time are all fantastic ideas. Everyone has different criteria that has to met. The more income that is earned, the more debt that can be okay. There is a percentage that is followed as a guideline for banks to use on applications when approving people for their house loans.

Facts To Get Accepted For An Edmonton Mortgage

Manage any debt

It is common for Edmonton mortgage agencies to approve many applications. They will look at the overall family debt, the family income and assess the credit history of the person or people being put on the mortgage. When applications are accepted without the right criteria established, it can cause people to fail at their monthly budget and fall behind on bills. The right policies are set up to give people a fair advantage for home ownership. Working with the specialists at banks or lending companies, is the ideal way to get approved. They can make suggestions and highlight areas for improvements. They want your application to get approved so that they can benefit from the loan, it is in every ones best interest to have a great looking application.

Benefits You Can Bank On!

Budget software has come a long way since the early days of difficult to decipher input formula or bulky print-outs. If it has been a few years since you have used budget software then now is a good time to take a second look; new versions are inexpensive, easy to use and convenient.

Here are just a few of the benefits to be enjoyed by using budget software for personal and family record keeping or even to help keep track of a small business.

1. Know Where It Goes. One of the biggest obstacles most people face when dealing with the family budget is identifying where the money goes each month. Small expenses can lead to big budget deficits before most people even realize it. By tracking expenses it is easy to see exactly where the most money is being spent and potential areas where spending can be reduced.

Benefits You Can Bank On!

2. Don’t Forget Another Deduction! If you itemize tax deductions then budget software is a great way to save time and money by quickly "tagging" those items to be used as a tax deduction later in the year.

3. Start Saving. Experts suggest having a three to six month cash reserve on hand in the event of an emergency or financial hardship. Unfortunately, research indicates that households save less than ever – even while they need it most. Establish a plan of action to fund an emergency or investment account by setting aside money to go toward savings each month. It’s easy with budget software because you can clearly see how much money remains after paying the basic bills.

4. Financial Forecasting. One of the best benefits to budget software is the ability to establish a financial forecasting system to track long term expenditures and savings. Rather than sitting down for hours with a paper and pencil; simply input the numbers and allow the software to do the rest! Find out how much you can save by switching investments or decide if you should pay off a bill or invest the money instead. These and dozens of other decisions become easy once you have the right tools. Stop guessing and regain control of your financial future by using basic budget forecasting tools.

5. Minimize Mistakes. Anyone who has ever made a minor math mistake when balancing the books knows how frustrating – and potentially expensive – errors can be. Budget software helps reduce the risk of expensive math mistakes by doing the calculations for you; simply input the data and you are done.

Benefits You Can Bank On!

6. Dare to Compare. One important tool in any budget is the ability to compare expenses – not just from month to month but from one year to the next. For example, is that old car costing you more in repairs than it’s worth? How long would it take to recuperate the savings if you purchased a newer model? Budget software makes it convenient to compare cost from month to month or even year over year with a simple click of the mouse.

7. Clear Communication. A frequently overlooked benefit to using budget software is the ability to easily communicate your financial position to others. Whether you want to speak to a tax consultant or simply provide your spouse with quick access to the finances; everything is in a standard, easy to understand format. It is even possible to make back-up copies in an instant.

Benefits You Can Bank On!

Take time to review budget software – it’s fast, easy and convenient with benefits you can take straight to the bank.

No Credit Check Payday Loans No More Credit Surveillance

No credit check payday loans can be an appropriate fiscal deal for salaried people who are in need of urgent cash to meet any imperative requirements. Many of salary based people spend their salary before the end of the month and when any urgent call of cash they have to be anxious but, now not anymore because salaried people can have the help of these loans when they need to solve their fiscal problems without any delay. These loans can be very helpful funding solution for jobholders as they provide loan to cope with unforeseen financial needs without no difficulty.

No Credit Check Payday Loans No More Credit Surveillance

So, when you find yourself in need of some extra cash before the advent of next paycheck, have the advantages of no credit payday loans by securing cash easily. The funds provided by these loans are sufficient enough to handle unexpected financial emergencies on time without facing any obstacle. So, make the most of the loan in a simple, instant and flexible manner over internet. All you need to fill out a simple form with all needed details such as; name, bank account number, job details, email ID, contact number and some others. This application form is totally free of cost so, you can get it easily. Once your loan form is approved, your loan amount will be wired into your valid bank account.

No credit check payday loans provide you complete liberty from tedious formalities of faxing, credit check, lengthy paperwork and others. As these loans are free from credit checks so, you can get the loan in spite of being tagged with bad credit records such as amount outstanding, arrears, defaults, CCJs, IVA, insolvency and the like. This way you can get a speedy loan approval and direct deposit of loan amount without any kind of postponement. Because of being unsecured in nature these loans carry slightly high interest rate but it can be negotiated by a good search of loan market because today’s time loan market is filled up with a number of loan lenders having different rates of interest. So, by checking lenders’ list one can find a lender with optimum terms and conditions.

Accounting 101 Preparing a Bank Reconciliation Format and Sample

The cash account is one of the most important current assets of any business. That’s why performing a monthly bank reconciliation is an important procedure for proper cash management. If the errors made by the business, as well as the bank go unchecked, the cash account may not reflect actual value. In more severe situations, an overstated cash general ledger could result in checks being written against insufficient funds.The Cash General Ledger and the Bank Statement

Accounting 101 Preparing a Bank Reconciliation Format and Sample

The cash general ledger (GL) amount displays the actual cash balance that’s available to the company. The actual dollar amount that the bank shows will rarely coincide with the actual general ledger balance. One of the main reasons for this out of balance condition between the company and the bank is the bank does not immediately record the daily transactions that affect the GL.

Other reasons for this out of balance condition between the GL and the bank account balance could also include posting errors by the company or the bank, unrecorded bank fees, interest payments and even collusion. All of these factors contribute to the GL and bank account out of balance condition. Performing a bank reconciliation is the first step to correct errors and help spot illegal activities.Bank Reconciliation Format and Example

The main premise for performing a bank reconciliation is to note the transactions that the company made against the cash account that the bank has not recorded and vise versa. In most cases the most common types of transactions that are not recorded by bank are outstanding checks and in transit deposits. The most common types of transactions not recorded by the company that are recorded by the bank are interest payments and checks with nonsufficient funds.

Although there can be different methods, the following is a simplistic example for addition and deductions for performing a bank reconciliation.Ending balance on bank statement $5,000Add: deposits not recorded by the bank $500Add: cash receipts posted, not yet deposited $500Deduct: outstanding checks not recorded by the bank $2,000Corrected cash account $4,000Ending balance on company’s cash account $4,250Add: interest credited by the bank $50Deduct: checks deposited with insufficient funds $250Deduct: miscellaneous bank charges $50Corrected cash account $4,000

Accounting 101 Preparing a Bank Reconciliation Format and Sample

The corrected cash account amount calculated from the bank statement and from the company’s cash account must be equal. If the two corrected cash account amounts do not equal, further research must be performed to determine the cause of the out of balance condition. Once the cause(s) of the out of balance condition is discovered, a corrected journal entry may be required.

Performing a routine bank reconciliation is one aspect of proper cash management procedures. Creating a monthly cash flow statement in another important tool for cash management. Creating and adhering to a budget can also be an important tool to help direct the company to a path of financial stability.

Car and Homeowners Insurance Company Ratings

Auto and homeowners insurance company ratings provide more information about companies to use when shopping for insurance online. Some of the leaders in determining insurance company strength and company rankings are A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, J.D. Power and the Better Business Bureau.A.M. Best Insurance Company Ratings

A.M. Best is undoubtedly the insurance company ratings leader. The company is a third party evaluator of insurance company strength. A.M. Best has been in business for more than 100 years, and claims to be the largest provider of U.S. insurance company ratings. The rating scale outlined on the A.M. Best website is as follows:AAA: Extremely StrongAA: Very StrongA: StrongBBB: GoodBB: MarginalB: WeakCCC: Very WeakCC: Extremely WeakR: Under Regulatory SupervisionNR: Not RatedStandard & Poor’s Insurance Company Rankings

Standard & Poor’s insurance company rankings help buyers make smart decisions when shopping for insurance online. The company helps determine insurance company strength based on the carrier’s ability to meet financial obligations and the company’s ability to pay policyholder claims. Standard & Poor’s top four insurance company rankings listed on their website are:Insurance companies that are rated AAA have extremely strong financial security characteristics.Insurance companies ranked AA have very strong financial security characteristics.A-rated insurance companies have strong financial security characteristics.BBB-ranked insurance companies have good financial security characteristics.J.D. Power Car and Homeowners Insurance Company Ratings

Car and Homeowners Insurance Company Ratings

J.D. Power’s car and homeowners’ insurance company ratings provide information to consumers about overall experience, policy offerings, pricing, billing and payment and contacting the insurance carrier. The easy-to-read online rankings are compiled from studies put out by J.D. Powers. The ratings help people insurance shopping online quickly find out where prospective insurance companies shine and where they fail. According to their website, the J.D. Power homeowners and car insurance company Power Circle Ratings rate companies using the following scale:Among the Best- Consumers rate these insurance companies the highest, among the top 10 percent, in J.D. Powers’ surveys.Better than Most- Survey results show consumers rank these insurance companies in the next 30 percent of all companies.About Average- Consumers rate these insurance companies in the next 30 percent of companies.The Rest- Insurance carriers rated below the other categories fall here; this is J.D. Powers’ lowest published rating.Better Business Bureau Insurance Company Consumer Ratings

The Better Business Bureau provides information about insurance company consumer ratings. The website offers details about consumer complaints with topics including selling practices, advertising issues, service issues, billing disputes, refund practices and contract disputes. The insurance company consumer rating page by carrier doesn’t provide detail about the complaints, it just lists how many recent complaints have been filed and whether the complaints were resolved. In addition to providing information about insurance company rankings, the Better Business Bureau website also offers consumers a way to file a complaint against an insurance carrier.

Tips To Get Rid Of Debts Fast

There is a national debt crisis in many countries today. The average family will spend more than they bring in every month. So every month their debt grows and grows until it is out of control. You may feel like you are passed the point of getting yourself out of debt; like there is no hope for you and your family. Do not give up yet. With hard work, dedication and the right information anyone can turn their life around and get out of debt.

Tips To Get Rid Of Debts Fast

The first step to getting out of debt is to look at the grim reality of your finances. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down all of your expenses and income. Do not forget to write down all of the little things you spend money on mochas, fast food, impulse buys, etc. Once you know exactly where your money is going you have a better chance of controlling it.

Now that is all laid out you must look at your choices of wealth creation strategies. You can cut your spending and find yourself naturally coming out of debt but that is unlikely. You can sell things that you should not have bought in the first place such as expensive cars or electronics. Reducing your debt is the next step in creating wealth.

Tips To Get Rid Of Debts Fast

With a lower amount of debt and reduced spending you may feel like the pressure is off. Do not stop there though. Getting out of debt is the only step to create personal wealth. Now you need to look at making more money. There are lots of ways to do this. Getting a second job on the weekends until you have some savings in the bank is one way to go.

Another option is to start creating wealth from home. There are many opportunities to make money on the internet. You can start an internet business or an affiliate site. There are even some companies that will hire you to work from your home at your own time. The sky is the limit when you start building internet wealth. You just have to find the online business that is right for you.

Tips To Get Rid Of Debts Fast

Getting out of debt does not have to be a dream you can make it a reality. There are lots of wealth creation strategies available. If you just cannot decide which is best for you find a wealth building seminar in your area to help you get started.

A Bunch of Simple Ways to Save Money

People are concerned with saving money and budgeting. They want to get the best deals and prices and know the most useful cost-cutting strategies. There are myriads of little tips and tricks and money-saving options, and hopefully there’s a few here that some may find useful.

Special coffees are an American favorite these days, but they are expensive to have every single day. However, with all the new flavored creamers available we can make coffee at home that’s just as tasty! Cutting expenses by switching to homemade java can save someone upwards of $20 a week!Turn Gift Cards to Cash

Gift cards are really trendy and well-liked, but sometimes a person gets one from a store that only carries things that are of no interest to them.. Go to giftcardrescue.com or plasticjungle.com to exchange the card for real cash!

To cut costs, for birthday, holiday and Valentine’s Day, make those cards that go out to every friend or coworker, or even the child’s Valentine’s party at school. Unique and beautiful cards can come from home, and it makes a good activity for parents and children to share together.

They say that using a dishwasher uses less electricity and water than washing them by hand. Cost reduction strategy: just make sure it has a full load and turn off the drying function. There’s usually a button on the front for this.

Cutting costs at home: Turning off lights when leaving a room is pretty blatant, but some people still don’t get it. Lights left on in an empty room are just wasting electricity. And, another energy waster is leaving items plugged in when not in use. Even if the item is turned off, there’s power being used so that it’s ready to power up when use is needed. Cost reduction: Unplug it when not in use.Reduce Your Costs

Kids grow out of clothing so quickly, it seems a shame to spend a lot of hard-earned money on something that is only usable for a few weeks or months. Buying clothes at yard sales and thrift stores can often net brand-new items, sometimes with the tag still on them.

eBay carries clothing for kids at ridiculously low prices, and when the kids grow out of them, simply list them on eBay or put them in a consignment shop and resell them! Or, donate them – it’s tax deductible and keeps the closets clean. Lastly, someone could have a yard sale, too.

Renting movies is so much cheaper than going to a theater! But, going to the local library and checking out a DVD is even cheaper than renting. Libraries often have well-stocked movies for people to check out. If a person likes to read, the library is a great source of entertainment that will never run out.

Spend only cash – paper money, not the coins. Pull out the paper for every purchase and the change will begin to add up quickly. It’s been proven that people will spend less if they have to get out the cash for every purchase. Don’t even take plastic with you when leaving the house.Simple Ways to Save Money

Save gas and time with organized errands. Making a big loop out of the routine, try to hit all the places in one trip. It’ll save someone (and save gas) from making several trips in one day.

Keeping the tires inflated to manufacturer’s suggestions is important. People don’t realize it, but they can save on gas-per-mile by having tires properly inflated.

When changing the toilet paper roll, give the new roll a good squish (so the roll isn’t round, but more oval) before installing it. This will prevent the roll from spinning when someone gives it a good yank. The result will be less toilet paper wasted and less rolls to buy, as well.More Ideas on How to Save Money

Have a garage sale! Garage sales are very popular everywhere, and it’s a good way to clean out unwanted items and make some cash on the side. Make sure prices aren’t too high; price them to go fast and make deals with everyone who asks. A good idea is to have children selling lemonade to the customers, too. People love to help kids succeed and the kids will make a bundle!

Advice for saving money: Reset the details at the job so that less money is being taken out for taxes; a worker gets more on the paycheck, but less of a (or no) refund. Everyone can use a bigger paycheck! On the same lines a worker could have more money taken out to ensure getting a decent-sized refund. The government gets money by collecting interest on it and the larger refund feels like a windfall.

Look around, be creative and just think in simple terms. There are ways to save money all around us. Here’s another article with another complete set of tips and tricks to save money.